4° FAQs


Q.     What does 4° of Me mean?

A.     It used to be known as 6° of Separation – or 6° of Kevin Bacon Game.  When we look around at how many people we interact with on a Monthly Basis, the number is between 60-200 or More.  This would be everyone from Family, Friends and Co-Workers to the ones we see interact with at Church, the Coffee Shop, Grocery Store, Dog Park, Dart League, Bowling League… and on an on. If we trace it between the people we interact with and those that they interact with, we’ll find we’re connected in some way to everyone.

4° of Separation: With the proliferation of Social Media – Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Whatsapp and…. you name it, there’s another, there are studies now that show we’re only 4° of Separation away from everyone on the planet.  That’s 7 Billion+ People in the World.

Q.     Why 4° of Referrals?

A.      The Power Window Doctors feels there should be no limits for people to share something they’ve had a good experience with.  You’re 4° away from everyone… so enjoy.

Q.      When will I receive Payment?

A.      At the end of the Month, The Power Window Doctors will finalize referral payments and send between the 15th and 22nd of the next month.

Q.      Why not just give a Discount on the Repair Cost?

A.      All companies have a Marketing Budget. There are Customer Acquisition Costs associated with every single transaction.  Established businesses have a larger budget and utilize Brand Awareness Campaigns to stay in front of their potential customers.  When a Direct or Indirect Referral comes in, those traditional channels are bypassed.  If you would like your Direct Referral payment to go towards their repair, we’re all for that.  Just let us know.

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