F150 Regulator Motor Replacement


F-150 Regulator Motor Replacement

The Power Window Doctors regularly replaces the F-150 Regulator Motor Combo.  When it comes to window regulators , we are the affordable specialists.

With over 4,000+ F-150 regulator motor combo repairs completed in the last 6 years, you can rest assured we’ll get your window back up in no time. You’ll also rest assured you’re getting quality parts with a warranty. A lot of shops will install your part, and you’ll have to pay them again when it fails.

F-150 Regulator Motor Combo power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service power window regulator exposed for repair

2009 F-150 Regulator Motor Combo

We use quality window regulators and reinforce them where possible.

You’ll get a better power window regulator repair at a better price point from:
The Power Window Doctors

Save Time and Money

1 Yr Parts & Labor Warranty

We’ll Come to You. Mobile Service

Call for Quick Estimate: 865-722-7422

Every Vehicle features Power Windows and Regulators are the parts that fail most often. Most modern power window regulators are a combination of cables and rails that move the window Up and Down.  The window motor typically fails first on the Drivers Door.  The F-150 Window Regulator Motor typically fails because of use and the Window Switch gets carbon built up between the electrical contacts.  The Power Window Doctors use quality parts at an Affordable price point.  Considering you don’t want to keep repairing your windows, give us a call first.  You’ll be glad you did.  We’ll come to you at your Home, Work or while you’re shopping.  A lot of clients have called in the morning and had their window fixed before driving home from work.

Quick Tip: To Keep your Power Windows running smoothly, purchase 100% Silicone Spray and lubricate the rubber/felt guides on the outside of the glass.  Roll your window all the way down and spray with the wand all the way around the window guides.  This is like putting Pam on your frying pan.  It will reduce the drag and keep it from sticking.

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