Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulator

Mercedes Benz C230 2003-2007 Window Regulator Replacement Cost

The Window Regulator Replacement cost for the Mercedes Benz C230 03-07 is between $280.00 and $340.00 +/-.

    • We Provide an All Inclusive Estimate of Parts and Labor for the repair. 
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knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service
knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service

Mercedes Benz C230

The door window regulator in the Mercedes Benz C230 is the mechanism that raises and lowers the door window glass. All vehicles with Power Windows have a Regulator and Motor in each door. The windows are all wired to the Drivers Door switch first (Master Switch) and then redirected to the other 3 windows.  Think of it as a Spoked Wheel with the Master Switch at the Center.  The switch in each individual door operates that window.  Pressing the button engages the motor to pull the cables Up or Down. Most window regulators fail due to the plastic parts degrading over time.

mercedes benz c230 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 front window regulator
Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulator 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 rear window regulator

Types of Window Regulators

There are many styles of window regulator.  The Cable regulator is the most common in modern vehicles, and this is what your Mercedes Benz C230 has. This regulator works by attaching a twisted cable to the top and bottom of the “Glass Carrier”.  When you push the button Up or Down, the cable is rolled on a “spool wheel” and raises or lowers the window.

The older style of window regulator is a Scissor Lift.  Think of this like a pair of Scissors that have a gear and motor attached.  When the motor is engaged the window moves like an X folding in on itself.

There are what’s called “Flex Drive” window regulators.  These regulators us a twisted flex able shaft that a motors gear pushes or pulls the window Up or Down.  You’ll find these in the Jeep Liberty or some Exotics like the Ferarri.

A Single Arm Cantilever window regulator is used in a lot of older vehicle rear doors.  They work similar to the Scissor Lift but only have One arm. Its lighter and efficient for smaller doors and glass.

knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service
knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service

Is my Window Regulator bad or “Off Track”?

The term “Off Track” was referring to the older Tape Drive window regulators that had a tendency to pull out of the guide attached to the window glass.  These types of window regulators are no longer used in modern vehicles.  They’re also the most expensive to repair due to the Labor needed.  A lot of time the older vehicles cost more to repair than newer vehicles.

When the window in your Mercedes Benz C230 fails it will most likely be due to part of the Window Regulator breaking.  It will “Pop and Drop” into the door, you’ll hear a grinding noise or it’ll simply just stop working either Up or Down. When your window switch fails it’ll be due to the button breaking or a diode shorting out.

Regardless of what broke or failed, some part will need to be repaired or replaced.

We’ll ask you what happened when it broke and what the window is doing now.  As The Power Window Doctors, we’re 90-95% accurate in diagnosing over the phone and giving an accurate estimate.  We utilize the history of the Year, Make and Model along with the Engineering and what happened and what’s happening now to determine what it’s going to take for the repair.

What if I don’t get my window regulator repaired?

You can drive your Mercedes Benz C230 with a window regulator that’s failed and the window taped up or with plastic on your door. That’s totally up to you.  Most people feel the need to have the driver window working at the least. When you pull up to the Bank, Drive Up Window, Car Wash or if a Police Officer stops you, you’ll want the driver window to work.  The other 3 windows are not so important.

When your Mercedes has Tape or Plastic on the windows though, it tells people that your vehicle is not secure.  It’s really easy to simply push the window down and rummage through your vehicles glove compartment or get into the trunk.  Having Tape or Plastic on the Window isn’t very appealing either.

If you don’t want to get your window repaired – The Power Window Doctors will Prop it up Professionally where nobody will know it doesn’t work and it’ll be secure.

Be cautious when working to get your window back up, it’s tempered glass and could shatter.  Glass doesn’t warn you or give you clues before it POPs and there’s glass everywhere.

What’s the history of Failure for the Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulators?

The window regulators in the Mercedes Benz C230 fail about 10-12 years after manufacture.  This is due to the regulations that Plastic degrade and no longer lasts forever.  Around 1995 – the year is estimated since it was a gradual process – modern power window regulators started using reformulated plastics.  This formulation was required to keep plastics from lasting 100’s of years in landfills.  It eventually breaks down into smaller particles. We’re not going to address whether this is better or worse for the environment, that’s for another website to debate.  The Power Window Doctors simply know that most window regulator failures are due to the constant pressure the windows are in while in the UP position. There’s over a 100 lbs. of tension on the cable holding the window up.  With the constant daily heat and cooling, that plastic is going to micro fracture at different points. Eventually somewhere that plastic is going to fail and it’s most likely going to be when you roll the window UP.  That’s the point where there’s the most stress on micro fractured plastic.

In higher humidity climates, the ambient moisture also collects on the cables.  This causes them to rust and get bound up in the cable sheaths or snap. The moisture in the air can also accumulate inside the motors. The result is the motor rusting on the inside or shorting the armature.

There are only two types of modern Power Windows.  Those that Have Failed, and Those that Will fail.  It’s just a matter of time.

The Mileage of the Vehicle has nothing to do with the Power Window Regulators, Motors or Switches. It’s only the life since the date of Manufacture.

knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service
knoxville power window repair motor regulator and switch mobile service