The Power Window Doctors Regulator Motor and Switch Repair Professional Referral Program

The Power Window Doctors are Professionals in Power Window Regulator, Motor and Switch Repair. We know the Door Panels and Regulators for 1000’s of vehicles. With over 20,000+ repairs, getting the job done right is guaranteed.

Trust us with your customer, we’ll take care of them and you.

The Professional Referral Program is designed to compensate you for your time and effort. We work with all kinds of industries.

A perfect solution for:

Auto Repair Shops, Auto Dealers, Tint Shops, Stereo Installers, Auto Detailers, Car Washes, Towing Companies, Auto Body Shops and Auto Repair Professionals.

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Referrals MUST be made through this website form BEFORE an Estimate is given.  We ask each customer how they heard about The Power Window Doctors during the initial conversation.

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